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Hello and very much welcome,

You have reached a photographer in Sweden who loves coffee, who is born with the ability to make others feel welcomed and really just can´t imagine life without hugs. So. Do you appreciate the combination of details and the vastnes of nature? Are you someone who wants their wedding day to be relaxed, filled with joy and warmth? And do you, as much as I, love to hang around with friends and family? Well then I am the photographer for you.

" So professional and down to earth! We barely noticed the photographer, except when we were alone with her before the ceremony, and then we noticed more when we talked to the guests who enjoyed the photographer´s company. We are grateful for fantastic pictures which really reflects us and our day. Also, extra grateful for all the guidance before the wedding and on the wedding day"
Agnieszka + Gustav
Brudpar Juni 2018

Do you want to see what I have captured? Then you can click on the link below and take in my way of shooting weddings, and lovestories. The words will be in swedish though, sorry for that in advance.

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[ baby´s breath ]
5 HOURS // webb gallery// USB

The perfect choice when you want “lagom”, just enough precence of a professional photographer. For example, most used to document the ceremony, take portraits and still have time to document the guests.

[ peony ]
10 HOURS // Webb gallery// USB // Wodden Box // Prints 10 x 15

In this package you can recive a documentation of nearly all of the day, depending on when you want the documentation to start and/or end.

[ lilacs ]
7 HOURS // webb gallery // USB // Wodden box

ex:1 Portraits+Ceremony+Mingle+Parts of dinner
ex2: Preparations + Portraits + Ceremony + Mingle

[ dahlia ]
The entire day ( approx 14h) // Webb gallery // USB // Wodden Box //
 Prints 10 x 15 // 3 Prints 13 x 18 // Travel fee 

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G will be covered. I arrive when you want me to and then I tag along until the lights are out. Or I am the last one standing, what ever comes first.

Theese packages are based on my experience, and on what previous couples have wanted. With all that said, I like to see myself as open minded and therefor I urge you to contact me If you have a wish of another hourly suggestion of documentation on your weddingday. Everything begins with a question, so dare to ask! I wont bite, promise. The packages that are listed start at a fee of 18.000 SEK, for weddings in Sweden. Do you want me to travel outside of Sweden? I am open for that, and it is possible to custom the pricing. Contact me for more information!


Who am I? Well to make the introductions short I can tell you that I got married in 2014, since then I have birthed two children and started this business. Photography has been a passion of mine since, well always, and during my first maternityleave I decided to take the leap and see where it goes! 

I love everything purple, favors dog over cats, my grandmother is my role model and I still listen to Britney Spears when I want something upbeat (even though the competition is vast theese days). I believe that there is a God above and that love is for everyone. Chocolate with some caramel and salt is something I can´t say no to, but carrotcake or anything with blueberries is my jam. 


I am the one who will speak the lines before they are spoken in a movie. Hate it in others but can´t contain myself bc love it. Gah!

Hearing someone chew. Like when someone are eating a carrot.

Definitely! I have a dream of shoting a wedding in Ireland or Finland for example. I already travel nationwide here in Sweden, so bring it.

Yeees. Porcelain. I have two sets of coffee service, Mon Amie and a combnation of Adam and Eve/  Gustavsbergs/Stig Lindberg. But I can´t leave a flea market without a dish from Gustavsberg or Rörstrand if I find one, especially a purple or blue one.

bröllopsfotograf uppsala, bröllopsfotograf sverige, bröllopsfotograf stockholm, bröllop 2022, rebecka thorell photo, wedding photographer sweden

Interested in having me as your photographer?


You are very much welcome to contact me if you are getting married in 2021 and think that we could be a sweet match of humans. Also. Are you planning to get hitched in 2022? Well I am not fully ready to seal the deal, but feel free to contact me and we can have a little conversations about it.

If you are having some more questions, I would gladly meet over Skype or What´s App to answer it all and so we can find out if we are a perfect wedding couple and wedding photographer match.
But first.

Fill out the form below and I will contact you within 48 hours. You can expect some serious joy in your mailbox by then and hey, I promise that the bar is low with me. I am genuinly interested in weddings, marriage and LOVE and would love to hear your story. Hope to hear from you!

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both first and last
again, both first and last
so I can respond to your form!
maybe you have what´s app?
Location of ceremony and reception
Anything that I should know that I havn´t asked about?
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Rebecka Thorell Photo, copyright 2020.

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