Weekday getaway to Vienna

Way Up North went to Vienna

and I happily followed them there! Way Up North is a conference, that origined in Stockholm (sweden) in 2015 but since then it has taken place in several different cities throughout Europe. The conference is highly apprichiated and has had a huge impact in the community of wedding photographers – not only between different countries but in ones own too. 

So! Vienna.  The first picture I took was of Karlskirche, which waas directly visible when I got off the U4 at Karlsplatz. Just wow! Then i spend a whole 24 hours and some to just take it all in, but day two of the conference I gave in to the itch to collect physical memory of this trip. Some glimpses for me to remember the city, the feeling of walking among history and paving the way for a new version of myself.

Day two ended, as always, with an EPIC party (legendary Wooden Banana-party), but those images are only found on my cellphone and I indend to keep them there haha. Oh gosh. It feels surreal to have experienced all of theese, and for my fourth and last day in Vienna I was a bit tired, a bit sick of my blisters due to new shoes and massivly inspired to scrabble down my refelctions of it all. 

One of many whishes for this day was to see Schönbrunn and Belvadere. Since the National Library was closed, and I had seen Prater and Stephansdomen every other day (perfectly captured by said cellphone ofc) I now felt the need to slowly walk, to breathe and just be. Which both of theese locations helped with – and then some. 

Motel One Wien Staatsoper, photographer, wedding photographer,
Motel One Wien Staatsoper
Rebecka Thorell, Photographer, Travel

Thank you WUN – and thank you VIENNA – I look forward to visit this city again, to go to the opera and enter every buildning such as the Gustav Klimt expidition. Gah! 

and thank you for reading this far, I loved to document for my own sake an in my own speed. Not for an assignment, and not really for someone elses eyes. But if this conference taught me anything, it is to start doing all of this again. 

Rebecka Thorell Photography, copyright 2022

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